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Courses at Inglés Personalizado are very different from many different language schools, first of all I do not have a set plan for each student or group that would like class. I do not have a general lesson plan that everyone will use.

My teaching programs are Custom Designed for each student or group who apply, and adapt to their schedules, not as in other institutions where students come to join any class available in a particular time.

I offer a wide range of courses as you will see with the pages shown under the Course Page in the Menu (from grammar to certifications).

Some questions to keep in mind when you plan to purchase a package for private, semi-private or group classes:

  • How many hours per week do you wish to attend class?
  • Is it a private lesson (only you), semi-private (two people) or group (more than 2)?
  • What is your ultimate goal?


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All classes are available online – I offer classes with audio, webcam and whiteboard from the comfort of your home, your office, at the beach… basically anywhere wifi is available.